15 Common Habits Of Successful Online Business Owner

If you listen to how simple and easy it is supposed to be to start your business online, I sometimes get dizzy. There’s a lot of humbug in circulation.

Statements and opinions that are extremely unsettling or lead to unfounded enthusiasm.

But what is true and what is not?

1. Anyone Can Do That!

Exactly, and anyone can become a virtuoso, astronaut, or owner of a multi-million dollar empire. Not everyone can. And that’s completely OK. To get to the top, you need a lot of pepper in the back, a hell of a lot of breathing and you should also have a lot of specialist knowledge.

However, it is right for me that anyone who wants it can achieve a lot. How much depends on himself and the willingness to bite into it.

2. You Can Start At 100 Dollars

Heard often too. You might as well, and it’s pretty much right. BUT: “Starting” does not mean that it covers all the costs that you have to spend to keep an online business up and running. You can get a domain, hosting and a chic WordPress theme for 100 dollars or even less.

But if you want to grow, you’ll have to invest a few more things. After all, you’re building a BUSINESS – not a hobby club site. If you are too stingy here, you will soon reach your limits.

Remember: All that comes is an investment in you and your business. Admittedly – not all make sense, sometimes you will buy something that (in retrospect) is completely pointless, but that’s part of entrepreneurship.

3. You Just Need A Webpage And Some Social Media

Both are good, both make sense – but that’s not all. Because just because you have a webpage, the entire online world doesn’t turn around right away! On the contrary, it will be pretty quiet on your website if you do not pay proper attention. There is no question about social media.

But not just a little bit, there can be a lot of consistency, strategy, and creativity behind it, otherwise, you will quickly join the league of those web pages that rot somewhere in the middle of nowhere on the Internet.

4. Five Blogs, An Offer And A Few Facebook ads – then Your Thing Will Work

Starting with a handful of blog articles is a great idea. Because there is something to see on your web page.

But to leave it at that and do nothing else? No, no, unfortunately, it doesn’t matter. Or do you think bloggers with 300, 400 or more articles just have an essential need to share?

5. Work When I Want & Where I Want

Wherever you want, you can do it right from the start, provided you have a laptop and internet access. But when? I doubt it.

Because if you want to build a viable online business from your idea, you will have to work a hell of a lot. Very much. Maybe more than ever. Because you are building a BUSINESS – not a hobby! So be prepared that you will learn and implement an incredible amount of new things about technology, marketing, sales and above all about YOU in a very short time.

If you do not work hard you will not see any results. Not even online.

6. As I’m Passionate About My Topic – It MUST Become Something

Mistake! Just being passionate is not enough. Just being pretty doesn’t get you on the world’s top catwalks. And as a passionate car enthusiast, you still cannot win a Formula 1 race.

Your passion is no guarantee of your sales. And you want to do that as an entrepreneur, and then also profit. Your passion, your passion are great – you will need a lot of it if you want to be at the top. But you won’t get rich from it alone.

7. Publish A New Blog Article At Least Once A Week

Blogging regularly is a very good idea. Yes, even if you have an online shop. But just blogging won’t be enough. Your articles

  • should someone read / share/comment and
  • should one day bring you money.

So not only learn to blog, but also to sell!

8. Advertising Banners Everywhere

If your business model (and yes, you should define it precisely) is that you can live from your advertising revenue, then be prepared to build an online presence that must have around 50,000 page views and more per week. Otherwise, it will take a long time before you can pay more than just your hosting package from the cent amounts.

9. It Doesn’t Matter Whether That’s MY Topic – It’s A Trend Right Now, A FUTURE MARKET

If you are looking for quick money, let yourself be told: Better play the lottery! Because “quick money” is nowhere to be found.

Future market or not, trend up or down, if it is not yours, if you are not passionate about the subject, you will not stay long enough to be able to reap the fruits of your work. And headlines and offers that sound so tempting that they’re too good to be true are usually too.

So better stay away from it and look for a topic that suits you, in which you know your way around and where you are always happy to learn new things. A more sustainable topic!

10. You Can Just Start That On The Side

Of course, you can build up your online business on the side. I even find a great opportunity.

But especially in the beginning, you will have the most time. Don’t underestimate that. If you make a living and want to pay more than just your bills, it will become your main job in most cases. There are exceptions – of course! But don’t hope that YOU are this exception. But roll up your sleeves and do something for it!

11. You Don’t Even Need Any Training For That

As with any business, you also have to make sure that you comply with laws and regulations. Do nothing that you shouldn’t be able to offer offline. In other words, if you have the necessary business license, you need special evidence, a trade license or specific training.

Organize whatever else you need. Take care of it, because ordinary business people do it. Or leave everything at the hobby level.

12. To (Earning money, Becoming Famous, Making Millions, 4-Hour-A-Week Principle, …) Is Faster Than You Think

But honestly, No matter what you think or plan, no matter how meticulous, detailed, colorful, large, exactly – (almost everything) will come differently. Because it’s a business. It is sometimes unpredictable, moody, bitchy. AND – you have no idea WHAT it’s like if you’ve never been there because you’ve never built a similar business before. You cannot plan the route down to the last detail. You have never left him.

It is not appropriate to be active on social media for three weeks and then to take offense because you do not have 3,814 fans. Not even because after your first offer, there are not tens of customers running through the door or because you cannot make a living from 14 published blog articles.

Set clear goals and don’t let go before you get there. But if you stay tuned, consistent, persevering and doing every day what needs to be done to build a successful online business, you will reach your goal.

13. You Can Find Everything You Need Online – Free Of Charge

If your strategy is to pull everything you need free of charge from the Internet to get your successful online business going, then please don’t even start!

If you want to make money, then spend money yourself. Don’t sell me extra expensive stilettos if you can only afford espadrilles!

14. Fake It Till You Make It

Means something like: “Just pretend … you already: so successful, so clever, so big, so far, that would be enough.”

But that can backfire. Namely, if you want to sell me how to make profitable Facebook advertising and have not even invested 1,000 dollars on Facebook. Tell and sell only what you know. Just leave the rest or learn. A lot of.

15. When Everything Is Ready (and perfect)

you start – honestly – again from the beginning. Because you will ever finish, nor will it ever be perfect. So take one of my favorite quotes from Steven Press field to heart: “Start before you’re ready”.

You will rarely have the feeling “NOW I can start”. Because there will always be doubts, insecurities, voices that say otherwise.

Friends and family are sure to know better too. Most certainly! Gather up all your courage and start. NOW. Only then can you learn from your experiences and you only collect them when you DO, not when you are planning.

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