4 Apps To Make Money With Your Phone

Everyone can earn money with apps. in this post you will learn how it works and how easy it is to earn money with apps (whether Android or iOS). Of course, we can also directly deliver the right bundle of smartphone and tariff. If you want to earn money quickly, and just have to use the mobile phone, you should read this.

4 Apps To Make Money With Your Phone

It almost sounds too good to be true, make real money on mobile apps? Some providers promise just that! Anyone hoping to get rich quickly by using an app will surely be disappointed. But if it is about a small financial gain, which can be earned in a similar way as with flea market apps in between times from your own smartphone, some app is well worth a try.

If you take a look at the app stores, you will find many apps that promise easy money-making with the mobile phone. Unfortunately, some black sheep frolic among them. From the apps to earn money that leave a serious first impression and at least the tendency to have positive user reviews, we have some closer. Among them are both apps for earning money for Android and iOS.

1- Google Survey App – Join Google Play Store to Earn Credit

A popular way to earn some money through apps is to take part in paid surveys for market research purpose. With the Google survey app, there is a matching tool from the house of the Internet giant from Silicon Valley.

First of all, the money earned from participating in surveys is paid out exclusively as a Google Play balance. If you cannot do that, the Google Survey app is not of much interest to you from the start.

If you decide to use the app, you will receive a weekly survey directly on your smartphone after you have logged in and provided some personal information. The individual surveys revolve around various topics that are relevant for market research. This can be, for example, the evaluation of a new product logo or the next destination. Per completed survey, there is up to 0.75 EUR as Google Play credit. This can then be used for example for the purchase of mobile games, movies or e-books.

2- Slidejoy – Earning Money Via Lock Screen

The concept of the Slidejoy app promises to make easy money. In fact, the effort is low to earn a few euros with the app.

After registration, the app displays an advertisement in the form of a lock screen before each unlock of the phone. This is tailored to personal interests. The promotional lock screen is wiped right to the right to unlock the phone, or left to get additional information.

It does not matter if you wipe out the ads immediately or look at an offer in detail — for each ad there are so-called “carats” as a reward. These can be collected and then exchanged for money, or vouchers. The amount of money can be, for example, pay as PayPal credit or donate to charitable organizations on request.

3- Streetspotr – Paying For Micro-Jobs

The App Streetspotr is a provider of so-called micro jobs. This means small work orders that can be accepted via the app, done independently and receive a previously fixed remuneration.

Before it comes to making money, a registration is required. Following this, it is possible to check which tasks (so-called “spots”) in the vicinity of the residence can be completed. For example, such tasks may be taking photographs of a particular public place or checking the availability of a product in the supermarket. By submitting the required information directly in the app, you have completed a task successfully.

For each task, there is a certain number of “streetpoints” that vary depending on the task. Finally, Streetpoints can be converted into real money that can be paid directly to Streetspotr’s PayPal account.

4. appJobber – Do Small Tasks And Make Money

The app appJobber is one of the micro-job apps. As a result, small, easy-to-do tasks in one’s own city can also be accepted via app, making money from mobile phones.

The currently available jobs are displayed directly in the app, together with an indication of the amount of earnings in an area map. So, you can visit the appropriate place, for example in the context of a small city walk. Typically, the tasks are to take photos of specific products or to evaluate opening hours.

Once you have completed an assignment, and provided the necessary information in the app, you can also withdraw the earned amount from app Jobber via your PayPal account.

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