5 Tips to Advertise Your Business On Podcasts

As a Business owner I ask myself why should I invest in podcasting, well millions of people around the world have heard at least one podcast. and by delivering your content for free to listeners, you advertise your business on podcasts and could also rack up sales for your business.

The trick is to bring listeners valuable content they can use first and foremost and by the end advertise your business on podcasts or your own podcast.

Why Podcast?

Podcasting is the new breed of reaching new users who can download your podcast and listen anytime they want. and This gives you the opportunity to reach customers through audio in addition to the content you provide on your Web site.

By podcasting you give people the flexibility of hearing your information when it’s convenient for them. They can hear your content in the most convenient time for them, you keep your business on their mind and by continuing to offer free content, you’ll be able to gain a loyal listeners.

5 Tips To Advertise Your Business On Podcasts

1. Podcast, Not Commercial

Don’t use your podcast as a commercial. A podcast isn’t another word for infomercial. You’ll want to give listeners free and helpful information that they can use whether they buy your product or skip the sale. Just as you would write an informative article that provides information on how to do a particular task or tips to do something, you’ll want to create a podcast that gives the listener info they can use without injecting a sales speech.

For example, let’s say your company sells skin care products. You can offer skin care tips for listeners and then suggest your product at the end. Don’t make it a hard sale. Tell the listener you have a product that can help and get out of the podcast.

Unless you’re purchasing ad time on another podcast, don’t get into the commercial message as you would through other mediums. Keep your podcast pure, so-to-speak, by letting listeners know your podcast is more about helping them through your tips than by helping your wallet with the sale.

2. Keep It Simple

Don’t use your podcast as a radio broadcast. Keep the message brief. Your listeners are expecting a short bit of information, not an hour-long radio broadcast.

Podcasts need to be fairly short, depending on the content you are delivering. For our example, hair styling tips could be broken up into many brief podcasts.

Podcasts vary in length and the time a podcast should be is a hot debate across the Internet. Some are just a few minutes with the longest coming in around 30 minutes. If you find your podcast dragging on in length, chop it up and make it several podcasts. This will not only give you more content to share with your listeners, the shorter length will keep their attention and help them find the content they’re looking for specifically instead of having to sit through a long podcast to get to the couple of minutes of information they’re really seeking.

3. Adding a Commercial

If you really want to add a commercial message, do so either before, during or at the end of your podcast. Make it very brief. Listeners report they don’t mind a 15 second invasion in their podcast. Any longer than that on a short podcast and you’ll quickly lose those listeners.

4. Make Listeners Come Back

What will you offer in your next podcast? Let people know in your newest podcast what other content you have available or what is coming soon. This will tease them to come back.

Another way to keep listeners listening is by giving people a way to subscribe to your podcast. You can send a simple notification to anyone who subscribes to let them know your newest podcast is available for download.

5. Be Consistent

Your podcast needs to be produced on a regular basis. Some people have daily podcasts. Others have weekly or monthly podcasts. Whatever schedule you decide upon, stick to it. Your listeners are counting on it.

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