5 Ways To Avoid Jealousy Among Children

One of the feelings that can hurt the most within the family is jealousy among children. And these are very frequent among brothers. It is very common that they appear in the elderly with the birth of the little ones but it is also very normal that when one of the children reaches adolescence they also arise within the family.

What happens with teenagers is that there is a situation that, although it is still logical, must be fought by parents. Adolescence is a complicated time for everyone. Most teenagers have continuous mood swings, get angry frequently, face their parents and, in general, have an attitude of rebellion towards the world that almost always focuses on their father and mother.

Ways To Avoid Jealousy Among Children

1- Adolescents Can Affect Your Children

Parents know that it is only a characteristic associated with the age of their children but the continuous discussions and the usual confrontations manage to exhaust parents frequently. And at the same time, when they have minor children, the relationship with them continues to be easy, the little ones obey, they do not doubt their indications, they continue to give them all their unconditional love … All this causes that there are times that the appearance is that the parents they love little children more because they laugh, play with them … the appearance is that they enjoy their fatherhood or motherhood much more.

Teenagers may think they have lost the love of their parents. A love they need as much as their little brothers. And in those circumstances, many of the teenagers who are still unable to handle their emotions with ease what they do is redouble their bad mood or their confrontations with parents. So the situation becomes even more difficult.

2- Love Is Stronger Than Jealousy:

The most effective remedy against jealousy is love. There is no doubt that parents love their children but there are times that even parents find it hard to prove it, especially with teenagers. A very healthy exercise so that this does not happen is that the parents repeat themselves that they love their children and that in all the occasions they take care that they know it. It is very common for young children to ask when they are reprimanded by their parents: “Do you not love me anymore?”, Sure that most parents have heard that from their children. 

A teenager will never ask that out loud but it is very possible that he does think it or feels it even if he is not aware of it. For that reason, parents and mothers should not forget that, as they did when they were children, when they reprimand their adolescent when they have broken the rules, they must remind him that they love him and explain that the possible punishment or the simple raptor is motivated precisely by that love , in the interest of growing healthy both physically and emotionally.

3- Self-Esteem Absorb Jealousy:

Teens with good self-esteem don’t feel jealous. Although the ideal is to help them reinforce self-esteem since they are children, in adolescence we must multiply that effort. Support them and congratulate them frequently for what they do well, help them be positive, stimulate their creativity and, above all, show them the love we feel for them.

4- Frustration tolerance (Hedonism)

It is very important, also since they are children, that they learn to tolerate frustration and also during adolescence this characteristic must be reinforced. Learning to live with the idea that not everything can be achieved, that there are times that we fail or that we do not achieve what we have proposed or wanted is one of the keys to grow healthily and to become a happy adult. But it is also very important for children to live in harmony within the family, to enjoy their sibling relationships and not feel jealous of each other.

5- Spend More Time With Them:

Despite the busy lives we have to find a way to spend time with the children. It is necessary to spend time to spend it together, even when one of the children has entered adolescence it is highly recommended to look for activities that can be done as a family. But you also have to look for time to devote to each of the children exclusively. That reinforces the ties between parents and children and helps us to know better how each of our children is doing, how they feel, what problems they have and how they face it. And, above all, it makes the relationship between the father or mother and each of their children become closer and deeper.

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