7 Best Anti-Aging Tips For Beautiful Skin

Anti-aging is the topic that has dominated social networks for years and – unlike our skin – does not grow old. We would all like to stop the signs of the times. But how?

The dermatologist Dr.Sabine Schwarz knows this question too well. And she knows a few tips that will help you get a younger complexion.

7 Anti-Aging Tips For Skin Care

1. Anti-Aging Is a Topic For All Ages

Especially at a young age, many think that the topic of anti-aging has nothing to do with them. Unfortunately, even with good genetics, the first visible changes often begin at the age of 30. So start to prevent it on time. It is never too early for a healthy, skin-promoting lifestyle – and should the signs of the time strike mercilessly at some point, there are numerous anti-aging methods in addition to the right care, but still maintaining a youthful and, above all, well-groomed skin.

2. Anti-Aging Through Healthy Lifestyle

Prevention is better than aftercare. Of course, it is better to make sure that the skin stays young for as long as possible than to only start with the right care when it is already too late. What does that mean specifically? Since the skin is our largest organ, the same health rules apply as for all other organs: A healthy lifestyle helps to keep it functional for a long time. Those who eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, exercise in the fresh air and avoid cigarettes and alcohol will enjoy a youthful complexion the longest.

When planning your weekly shopping, consider adding the following foods to your list: fish, olive oil, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. In addition anti-aging spices: ginger, sage, and rosemary. Avoid sugar if possible! Because the sugar molecules in cakes, sweets or sodas make the blood vessels inelastic, the skin wrinkles.

 3. Anti-Aging Through Sun Protection

As many as love summer, sun lovers have one major disadvantage when it comes to anti-aging. Unfortunately, elastic fibers and collagen fibers of the skin are massively impaired by solar radiation. The body cannot compensate for this independently. The skin is massively damaged, especially by sunburn, and at some point, this takes its toll on premature skin aging, which of course becomes more pronounced the more you have been exposed to the sun.

The dermatologist Dr. Sabine Schwarz, therefore, advises: “Be sure to use the right sun protection and cream yourself too much rather than too little.” Especially in summer, the sun protection factor should not be missing in everyday life, even if you are not prone to sunburn. This not only stops the signs of the time but also reduces the risk of skin cancer.

What Care Is Recommended After Summer?

“It is important to have high-quality care that protects the skin from external influences while maintaining it. For example, an anti-aging cream is wonderful everyday care because it strengthens the skin barrier and firms the skin structure. For intensive care under the anti-aging cream, I recommend a stem cell hyaluron serum with highly innovative ingredients. For the special care of the delicate eye area, I advise my patients to use an intensive eye cream. This reduces the signs of aging at the point where they are particularly popular.

4. Anti-Aging Through Good Sleep

Those who sleep seven or eight hours a night ensure that the body regenerates faster. During sleep, the immune system is strengthened and the skin renewed. That is why it makes sense to use night creams that support the regeneration of the skin with their anti-aging ingredients.

5. Anti-Aging Through Relaxation 

Studies show that people suffering from stress look older than satisfied people. Meditation, autogenic training or yoga are best suited for coping with stress. Find out which method is the most effective for you. If you don’t want to attend courses, there are also exercises for at home. It is only important that you relax regularly and not only when there is a risk of burnout.

6. Anti-Aging From The Inside

Proper nutrition can also tighten the complexion from the inside. A sufficient intake of vitamin C is therefore advisable not only for health in general but also for a young complexion. It is an important radical scavenger that supports the natural collagen formation of the skin.

7- Anti-Aging Products That Help

But even the best prevention and the healthiest lifestyle cannot prevent our skin from aging at some point. Unfortunately, this is a fact that cannot be discussed away. Once the first wrinkles are there, the panic is usually great. But how do you recognize real anti-aging products?

“I would be happy to recommend products with high-quality ingredients such as ultra-short-chain hyaluron, which has been shown to reach deep skin layers, high-quality natural oils and so-called ‘power ingredients’,” says dermatologist Dr. Sabine Schwarz. These power ingredients are active ingredient complexes that are characterized by intensive care properties and an innovative anti-aging effect. “It is particularly important to me to mention that there are well-founded studies on these special combinations of active ingredients. Because you can promise a lot, but only serious studies on these active ingredients really convinced me in the choice of ingredients for my products. “

When Should You Start Anti-Aging Care?

There is no time too early for the above tips on sun protection and a healthy lifestyle. Better to start today than tomorrow! These tips must be heeded even at a young age in order to enjoy a youthful complexion for a long time. Generally, the body’s own collagen production in the skin decreases from the mid-twenties. The skin can then no longer store moisture as well. From the mid-twenties, light moisturizers should, therefore, be used that are adapted to the skin type. However, Dr. Sabine Schwarz also warns of starting anti-aging creams too early, because “these are mostly tailored to the needs of mature skin and are usually quite rich. Most products are developed for women aged 35 and over. Before that, I don’t recommend my younger patients – with the exception of those with very dry skin – any rich anti-aging creams either.” It is better to provide the skin with sufficient moisture and occasional moisturizing masks.

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