Everything You Should Know About PC Gaming

First thing you should know if you enter the gaming world is what you need and when and where , we will give you this check list if you follow it u can build a good PC gamer

Checklist For Buying Your Entry-Level In PC Gaming

  • Good entry-level gaming PCs are available from just 600 euros
  • In a powerful graphics card to invest
  • The motherboard should be expanded to be
  • Hard disk: as much storage space as possible (min. 1 TB)
  • Power supply with min. Buy 750 watts
  • Ventilation fans and CPU coolers should be available

Your Entry Into The World Of Gaming

Gaming is no longer a niche hobby. Gamescom’s annual visitor numbers alone show that gaming is now thrilling the masses. The more common is the desire to finally invest in a corresponding gaming PC. Because especially those who play a lot and switch between several games quickly reach their limits with a conventional PC.

Not only the storage space is a problem: Current game innovations take up 50 GB on the hard drive. The graphics are suffering from an ordinary graphics card, so you never optimum can get out of his games. Gaming PCs, on the other hand, are specially tailored to the requirements of gamers. Not only do they have the latest generation of graphics cards, but they also have large hard disks that enable the storage of as many games as possible on the PC.

  • Larger disk space for games
  • New generation graphics cards

The Most Important Entry-Level Hardware For Your PC Gaming

1- PC Graphic Card

In addition to the processor, the graphics card is the heart of every gaming PC. Ideally, a high-performance graphics card should already be included in the gaming set, since buying it individually is expensive for beginners. Nevertheless, manufacturers such as Nvidia or Zotac also offer comparatively inexpensive graphics cards in the lower hundreds. These special gamer graphics cards are not only characterized by optimal graphics performance but usually also have their cooling system, which ensures long durability.

2- PC Processor

Ideally, the processor and graphics card should enter into a perfect symbiosis so that the gaming fun is not hindered. For example, the processor should have the strongest possible CPU so that the pixel accelerator on the graphics card does not suffer. Anyone unsure as a beginner whether the desired processor and graphics card fit together should invest in a finished gamer set. This has the advantage that the individual components are well coordinated and the price is also lower than if the components were purchased individually.

3- PC Power Supply

The power of the PC also depends on the power supply. For the hardware to be optimally supplied with power, a high-quality power supply with at least 750 watts of power should be purchased. If you invest here right from the start, upgrading with other hardware components later is no problem and the electricity costs are also lower with a good power supply.

4- PC Main Board

The main board is crucial for the performance of any gaming PC. At least one PCI Express slot is required for optimal use. Several fan connections and RAM slots should also be taken into account. Ideally, you should create a list of the hardware you want to connect or would like to buy in the future before buying the motherboard. In this way, you are on the safe side and do not face the problem of not having enough connections for the desired hardware at some point.

Beginners Checklist For Buying Your Gaming PC

  • A powerful graphics card is one of the most important components of a gaming PC. When buying, make sure that a good graphics card – such as from Nvidia or AMD – is installed in the PC, or upgrade your PC with a powerful card if necessary.
  •  Expandable mainboard should have at least one PCI Express slot and sufficient fan connections so that you can easily retrofit your finished gaming PC bundle later.
  •  Min. 1TB hard disk space since new games like to take up 50 GB of storage space, 1TB hard drive space is considered an absolute minimum for gaming PCs and should be taken into account when purchasing.
  •  8-16GB DDR RAM memoryWith a good clock rate, beginners with a working memory of 8-16GB get along well in the long run.
  •  Extensive, expandable housing with the case, it is important to ensure that there are enough ventilation fans and USB ports to cool the device down and to be able to easily connect standard equipment such as a mouse, keyboard, headset and sound boxes.
  • Power supply with min. 750 W.A powerful power supply is simply a must for a gaming PC. A power-saving power supply with about 750 watts and enough connections for all components is optimal.

How To Upgrade Your Gaming PC

1- Install The CPU Cooler

Every year, the latest gaming innovations demand new high performance from gaming PCs. But even if gaming PCs are superior to conventional models in terms of gaming performance, the processor can quickly overheat with high game intensity. Many gamers therefore not only pay attention to the presence of ventilation systems when buying their hardware but often also upgrade their PC with a CPU cooler. It cools the processor down to the appropriate temperature during operation to ensure the longest possible runtime.

2- Build Your Own Gaming PC

Admittedly, putting together a gaming PC yourself is usually not for beginners. However, if you enjoy tinkering and want to have the perfect gaming PC for your gaming preferences right from the start, you can also tackle the supreme discipline of the gamers’ guild with the necessary ambition. While some portals suggest their suggestions for possible configurations, you can also search for your components with the necessary basic knowledge. What you have to pay attention to and how to do it.

3- Retrofit Your Gaming PC

While the installation of a CPU cooler serves to preserve the lifespan of the PC, a gaming PC can also be properly upgraded in terms of performance. This is particularly interesting for those who have bought a cheap entry-level PC as a beginner. Because the more professional and intensive gaming is, the more novice models reach their limits. But that doesn’t mean that you have to invest in a brand new PC straight away. As long as the beginner PC has the necessary connections – which you should pay attention to when buying – you can retrofit it with hardware such as a better graphics card or a larger hard drive.

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