Healthy Eating For Teens and 7 Foods Teens Should Avoid

healthy eating is one of the most important issues in teens nutrition. Some parents care a lot about it but others don’t give it the importance it has. And the latter is a mistake, although teenagers should already be responsible for certain aspects of their lives, and proper nutrition is one of them, their parents should be there to guide them, to correct mistakes and to make sure that their diet is in effect It is healthy.

The Importance Of Healthy Eating For Teens

During adolescence, the body of boys and girls undergoes a profound transformation. Changes that require a lot of energy. And that energy is obtained by the human body from food. That is why it is so important to take care of the food of boys and girls at that age. And besides, also at that time, young people are fixing what their customs will be in the future when they are adults. Getting used to eating healthy and balanced is, therefore, a fundamental issue not only for your health at this time but also for your adult life to be healthy.

There is also another aspect that causes a deep concern in many parents of teenagers, and that is that At this age it is also when most eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia appear. Healthy eating habits do not guarantee that young people do not suffer from these diseases but can help keep them away. And in the same way, a healthy and balanced diet is the way to avoid being overweight.

 What Foods Should Teens Avoid

A healthy diet is a diet in which foods of all categories are present in adequate amounts. And also a diet that dispenses with some others or, at least, maintains them but very scarcely.

  • Salt: A healthy teenager does not have to do without salt but it is advisable not to consume it in excess.
  • Sugar: The same goes for sugar. Nothing happens to take some foods that contain sugar but the more you reduce your consumption, the better.
  • Sodas: In the case of sodas, the ideal would be to eliminate them completely since they have a high content of sugars that do not benefit the health of adolescents at all and do not contain any nutritional element of interest. But as in most cases, it is very difficult to get teenagers to stop drinking them, it is good to accustom them to reduce their consumption as much as possible.
  • Trans Fat: These types of fats, also called unsaturated, not only do not have any health benefits but also increase bad cholesterol and decrease good cholesterol. They are present in industrial bakery and pastry products and in some processed foods.
  • Refined Cereals: In the case of refined cereals, it is not because they have harmful elements, but because whole grains are much healthier. Therefore, in this case, the most appropriate thing is to replace products made with refined cereals, such as bread, pasta, cookies, etc … with products made with whole grains.
  • Processed Foods: Processed foods usually have large amounts of salt, sugar or trans fat, and those are good reasons to avoid them.
  • Alcohol: With alcohol, the recommendation is to avoid it completely. Not only it is illegal to consume it before age 21 in many countries, including the United States, but it is also very harmful to teenagers. Its consumption does not do them any good and it can cause infinite problems.

Teens Bad Habits At The Time Of Eating

Just as happens with food, it happens with some habits related to meals and that does not benefit anything to health.

1. Eating At Any Time

Being all day “chopping” something to eat, or eating snacks is a very bad habit. In this way, the food necessary for a healthy diet is not usually consumed and, instead, many harmful products are eaten. To make the diet healthier it is advisable to make four or five meals a day: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner and maybe a slight snack between two of them, and that they are more or less at the same time every day.

2. Eating Fast

It is advisable to devote to each meal the time necessary to calmly consume all the foods included in each of them and chew them sufficiently. That’s why it’s good to get used to eating sitting because when you eat standing up or doing some other activity, everything is usually much faster.

3. Eating Only Some Foods

Some teenagers consume only three or four foods they like. Nor is this a good habit. The healthiest thing is that they consume all types and when more varied, the better. That way they make sure they ingest all those products, including vitamins and minerals, that your body needs.

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