How To Keep Your Feet Soft And Healthy

Feeling comfortable in your skin is one of the most important things to go through life with confidence, and our feet are no exception.

The topic is rather embarrassing for many. People don’t really like to talk about problems with their feet. Our feet need a lot of attention so that they stay healthy and do their job well and reliably. They are always locked up, they have to put up with skin-unfriendly fabrics and shoes that are too narrow, too wide or too high.

If we have treated the feet incorrectly, we often only notice it when they protest or even refuse to serve us. Because years of neglect can lead to deformation of bones, muscles, and tendons, lack of care leads to damage to the skin and nails. Good foot care only takes a little time and effort.

Do Pedicure Yourself

What is Pedicure

Pedicure is an aesthetic enhancement of the feet with the right therapy. Foot care, therefore, falls more in the area of beauty and wellness treatment. Creams and other care products as well as a corresponding treatment of the toenails (cutting, filing, varnishing) help to show the feet at every suitable opportunity. Especially in summer, when you like to go barefoot and show your feet when you visit the swimming pool on a weekly basis, it is important that they are well looked after.

Clean Your Feet

Not only the cosmetic but also the health aspect plays a decisive role in foot care. The first thing to do is to make sure your feet are clean. An extensive bath, a shower or a foot bath is recommended for this, which promotes blood circulation. A foot bath should take 10 to 20 minutes. If your skin is soft and supple, efficient care can be done. Products that are particularly suitable for clean feet are mild soaps, essential oils and sea salt from the Dead Sea.

Take Care Of Your Nails

The next step is to take care of shortening your nails and carefully removing corneas. You can use nail scissors or a nail clipper to shorten the nails as you wish. Nails should always be cut straight so that they do not grow in. If there are uneven spots, remove them with a nail file. If you are not a specialist, we recommend that you only use mechanical aids to remove cornea. There is a risk of injury from electrical equipment. Since we are particularly sensitive to the feet, this would have an unnecessary impact on our daily life.

When you’re done pedicuring, you can beautify your nails with clear or colored nail polish. French nails are very popular with women. Especially in summer, red or pink toenails are also very attractive. So that your feet stay beautiful for a long time afterward, regular care is worthwhile.

How To Care For Your Feet

Daily Cleaning

Daily cleaning of the feet should be a matter of course for everyone. Not only does it serve hygiene, but it also helps prevent infections and diseases. Don’t forget to include the area between your toes. Unintended germs can form here unexpectedly. After a pleasant foot bath, you can safely rub-dry feet to remove any unwanted excess skin. Rough areas and corneas can be carefully removed with a foot file.

Regular Cutting Of The Nails

Regular cutting of the nails and subsequent filing is very important to keep the toes healthy and well-groomed. If the nails are not cut regularly, there is a risk that they will harden and injure the surrounding skin. When cutting the nails, make sure not to hurt the nail bed. Excess skin on the nail bed can be carefully pushed back with specially designed chopsticks. A Massage with a special moisturizing foot care cream will do your skin particularly good.

Keep Your Feet Healthy

Foot care literally plays a major role in older people. The focus here is not on the aesthetic, but rather on the health aspects. If you take care of your feet regularly in old age, problems such as athlete’s foot, inflammation, etc.. can be avoided. Of course, good and suitable footwear plays a significant part in keeping your feet healthy. If you are on your feet a lot, you should wear sturdy shoes where the skin has enough air to breathe. Adequate foot care can help seniors make a significant contribution to their general wellbeing.

Avoid Problems And Illnesses

Callus formation on the hands and especially on the feet, where there is often a lot of stress, is quite natural. However, if an unnatural amount of cornea forms, this can lead to skin cracks and subsequently to diseases. Dry skin is usually the reason for this. Wrong footwear, obesity, and misalignment of the feet can also contribute to increased cornea formation.

By regularly adding moisture, you can avoid unsightly cracks in the skin. If your skin is itchy and burning, or if you are struggling with blisters, calluses, corns, and fungal infections, this may be because you have neglected foot care for a long time.

When You Need To See a Doctor?

If there are no serious problems with the feet, a visit to the nail salon or to the beautician is definitely a must, in addition to taking care of the feet yourself. Wellness for the feet supports general well-being. But if feet are sick, medical foot care is absolutely necessary. A podiatrist can take care of this. The professional title of podiatrist has been protected since 2002. A two-year training course with a final exam qualifies the podiatrist for a thorough analysis of complaints and their treatment. He is the best contact for serious problems with the feet.

Foot problems are often the result of rheumatism, venous diseases, and obesity. Too often people take these “little ailments” lightly. If you suspect any of the diseases mentioned, you should immediately consult a doctor. He will be able to tell you immediately what you are missing.

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