Shy Teenager: Why and How To Help Teen Build Self-Confidence

Shyness is one of the biggest concerns for teenagers. And it is at that age when this emotional problem affects more. Who does not remember the bad times when the blush covered his face? Or the fear of public speaking as soon as childhood was left behind?

But shyness can be overcome. A few simple tips can help make the lives of shy teenagers easier and their future is free from that continuous sense of fear of ridicule.

What is Shyness?

Shyness is just one more personality trait that almost half of people have. It is only a sense of insecurity that sometimes invades us when we interact with other people.

What Causes Shyness in Teenagers?

The causes of teenagers being shyer than children and adults are several.

1. Personality Changes

Teenagers have left behind the era of childhood demotion but have not yet adequately managed their social role. That makes them feel insecure in certain situations and it is in those situations when their shyness appears.

2. Body Changes

Puberty causes them physical changes that affect the way they face the world and others because, in many cases, it causes them insecurity.

3. Emotional Fluctuations

Also, puberty and hormonal alterations of their organisms cause continuous emotional changes and make some feelings, such as shame, much more pronounced.

4. Overprotection of Parents.

When the family is overprotective of the teenager, it causes him to have less ability to relate to himself and that can increase his shyness because he feels he lacks social resources.

5. Authoritarianism

An excess of authoritarianism of the parents can cause low self-esteem in teenagers and also increase their shyness.

6. Bullying

Bullying can also cause teenagers to fall into periods of extreme shyness.

Problems Caused By Shyness

It is important to know that shyness is a personality trait of many human beings and that nothing happens because of being shy. But it is also true that living being shy causes a series of feelings that are not happy. The main ones are anxiety and anguish.

The two situations that cause these greater shyness accesses are:

1. Public Speaking

A very high number of teenagers feel intimidated when they must speak in public.

2. Relate To The Opposite Sex

That is the other situation that causes shyness in adolescents because they are living their sexual awakening but have not yet fully learned social skills.

How You Can Help A Shy Teenager?

Parents of shy teenagers can do a lot to help their children learn to overcome their shyness:

1. Give Them a Good Education

A good education is to acquire the ability to know how to behave at any time. If parents have made sure that their children receive this education, they will get them to have a greater social ability and therefore feel much safer when they interact with other people, whoever they are.

2. Teach Them to Put Themselves in Other’s Place

It is very useful for a shy teenager who is able to think that the person with whom he is interacting and who causes shyness may feel the same. That helps a lot to be more relaxed.

3. Help Them Cope with Situations That Cause Them Shyness

It is important that adolescents do not avoid these situations because if they do they will never overcome shyness. Parents can offer to accompany them or talk about that situation and evaluate everything that can happen in it. That way, the teen will feel more prepared to face it.

4. Do Not Take Away Importance

For teenagers, these attacks of shyness are very important and can be very frustrating. That is why parents should not laugh at them or consider them silly. But it is also important that the teenager does not make it impossible to overcome.

5. Help Them to know Themselves

When analyzing with them their moments of shyness, parents should take advantage of their children to discover their strengths. They may blush when they talk to someone of the opposite sex but surely they have many traits that someone of the opposite sex will like. Helping them see that will make them feel more secure.

When To Worry

Shyness is a normal personality trait of many teenagers but when that shyness is pathological or becomes a social phobia, a doctor’s intervention is necessary. The difference between normal and pathological shyness is that the latter prevents boys from developing a normal life because it does not allow them to interact with other people. In those cases, parents should consult a doctor to find out what treatment their child has to receive.

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