Unlucky Kids, You Won’t Believe Exist (Images)

2. Lakshmi Tatma:

An Indian girl born in 2005, who was born with four legs and four arms. Her Hindu name was kept after Hindu’s Goddess of wealth but unfortunately the girl was born with such a miserable health condition. The reason of her condition is that she inherited limbs and other body parts from a conjoined twin who passed away at the time of birth. In Hindu religion there are many Gods who have had several body parts and limbs, when Lakshmi was born many in her small town started thinking of her as an incarnation, this turned her into a celebrity. Although this theory has no place in science but this helped her in getting herself operated from the funds she got after becoming famous. At the age of two she had a 27 hours surgery involving 30 best surgeons of India, and today she looks like a normal healthy girl.

Lakshmi Tatma

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